Liberian cuisine

Liberia is situated in the West of Africa and has a natural space with a rich flora, due to the dense precipitations. Agriculture is the main occupation of the Liberian people and it concentrates on rice, manioc, bananas (especially green bananas), citrus fruits and coconut. This fact explains the traditional cuisine, which consists of a lot of rice meals (rice is eaten at least 2 times per day in all families) and fruits, which are used in various desserts, main courses and salads.

Liberian Potato Salad

Liberian Potato Salad is a traditional Liberian recipe for a classic salad of potatoes, mixed beans, French beans, onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn, and cucumber served in a spiced mayonnaise flavoured with mustard. This dish is frequently used as an accompaniment to fried chicken at a summer beach picnic.

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