Cuisine of Karachi

Karachi Cuisine (Urdu: کراچی کا پکوان‎) refers to the food found mainly in the city of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The cuisine of Karachi is strongly influenced by the city’s Urdu speaking Muslims, also known as Muhajir population, who came from northern India and settled in Karachi after the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

Aloo Paratha – Potato Stuffed Paratha

Parathas are a bread dish originating from the Indian subcontinent; one of the most popular breakfast dishes throughout western, central and northern regions of India as well as in Pakistan. This recipe uses the most popular filling – Potatoes. Aloo Parathas are perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch.

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Bun Kebab

Busy stalls selling bun kabab are a typical sight on the streets of Karachi which come alive at night after locals finish work and need a quick and spicy snack. There are many regional variations to this street food favourite, one of which is the addition of a fried egg or an omelette.

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Chicken Dopiaza – Chicken Curry with Onions

Dopiaza is a South-Asian curry dish. It is prepared with a large amount of onions, both cooked in the curry and as a garnish.

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