Confectionery Recipes

In Western Europe and North America, confectionery largely refers to sweets and chocolate bars, but the range of confectionery found around the world is vast, from Indian sweetmeats (such as burfi, halva and jalebi) to Middle Eastern Turkish delight and baklava and Chinese candied fruits. Many confectionery items are related to festivals and celebrations in different cultures.

Aam Papad – Mango Fruit Leather

Aam Papad is a fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried. It is a part of the South Indian and North Indian cuisine and is available is numerous varieties all over North India.

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Almond Buttercrunch Toffee

This toffee is sensational to eat on its own or use as a decadent topping for cakes, desserts or ice cream. An indulgent treat combining a beautiful balance of dark chocolate, roasted almonds and the soft crunch of buttercrunch toffee.

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Amanattō – Japanese Candied Beans

Amanattō is a Japanese traditional confectionery that is made of azuki or other beans, covered with refined sugar after simmering with sugar syrup and drying.

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Barfi, sometimes called burfi or burfee or borfee ( Hindi: बर्फ़ी, Urdu: برفی, Bengali: বরফি ), is a sweet confectionery from the Indian subcontinent. Plain barfi is made from condensed milk, cooked with sugar until it solidifies.

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Beijinho de Coco – Coconut Little Kiss

Beijinho (Little kiss in Portuguese), also known as branquinho, is a typical Brazilian birthday party candy prepared with condensed milk, grated desiccated coconut, rolled over caster sugar or grated coconut and topped with a clove.

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Calabaza En Tacha- Mexican Candied Pumpkin

In Mexico, candied pumpkins are often used on the family altars during Dia de los Muertos. An easy recipe and a great way for the kids to use up pumpkin.

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Candied Pomelo Rind

Candied pomelo rind – a unique and easy citrus candy. This is a simple, fool proof recipe for sweet and tangy candied pomelo peel (it is perfect for other citrus fruits as well).

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Candied Smokey Bacon Strips

Forget bacon and eggs for breakfast when you can have a meal of candied bacon instead – quick, easy, and tasty.

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Cherry Marshmallows

Fresh sweet cherry puree adds beautiful colour and flavour to these marshmallows that are a welcome addition to a mug of hot chocolate.

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Jello Shot Bites

These are a little bit of effort to make but look so wonderful on the serving plate. Don’t expect them to last very long as your guests will snap them up quickly.

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Kashata Za Nazi – Swahili Coconut Snacks

Kashata is a traditional East African recipe for a classic snack of coconut, flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom and bound with flour and sugar that is half way between a biscuit and confectionery.

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Kiri Aluwa – Sri Lankan Milk Toffee

This Sri Lankan toffee has a soft bite, screams of caramelised milk to tantalise your taste-buds, and gives you the crunch of cashew nuts in every bite. Simply delicious!

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Nariyal Vadi – Coconut Burfi

Nariyal Vadi or Coconut burfi is a succulent, chewy, mouth-watering Indian sweet delicacy made with fresh coconut cooked in milk and khoya combined together, garnished with dry fruits and flavoured with cardamom powder. Nariyal vadi or Nariyal burfi or Khobra pak are all different names of coconut burfi.

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Paçoca de Amendoim – Peanut Paçoca

These sweet and nutty dessert or snack bars are extremely versatile – they are great as part of a dessert buffet, they can be served as a late-afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of coffee, or they can be wrapped in wax paper or plastic film to become part of a lunchbox lunch.

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Peanut Butter Truffles

Sure, you have to wait for them to firm up in the fridge, but these decadent Peanut Butter Truffles are surprisingly quick to make and a real treat.

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