Veracruz Cuisine and Recipes

The cuisine of Veracruz is the regional cooking centered on the Mexican state that stretches over most of the country’s coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

Huachinango A La Veracruzana – Red Snapper Veracruz Style

Huachinango a la Veracruzana or Red Snapper Veracruz Style is a dish of tender red snapper baked with a delicious red sauce. This recipe is for the sauce and it is really not as complicated as the ingredients list might seem.

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Veracruz Cuisine

The most widely served dish in the state is arroz a la tumbada, which can be found in almost all restaurants that serve seafood in Veracruz. It originated as a poor fishermen’s dish, a way to stretch seafood. It typically contains various fish and shellfish, tomatoes, onions, garlic, green chilli peppers, oil and various herbs, similar to paella. It is closely followed by caldo de mariscos, a seafood soup which is said to cure hangovers.

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Vuelve a la Vida – Mexican Seafood Cocktail

An ideal way to revitalise yourself with a “Mexican Hangover Cure”. It is a seafood cocktail with prawns, crab, clams and mussels with a sauce of clam juice and spicy tomatoes.

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