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Panamanian cuisine

Traditional Panamanian cuisine reflects the influence of its Latin American neighbours, but is primarily a fusion of Afro-Caribbean and indigenous Indian cooking. Panama’s subsistence diet never depended on corn. Game and fish were always sources of protein, and corn was eaten mostly in the form of thick tortillas or maize gruel. Panamanian food is spicy and flavourful, but not necessarily hot. It relies heavily in garlic, culantro, and onion, but the ubiquitous bottle of hot salsa is never far away.

Hojaldras Panameñas - Panamanian Doughnuts or Fried Bread

Hojaldras Panameñas

Hojaldras Panameñas are traditional Panamanian breakfast cuisine and are basically the Panamanian equivalent of fried dough. Hojaldre are delicious with anything from a fried egg to cheese slices on top.

About Panamanian Cuisine

Panamanian Cuisine

Panamanian cuisine is a unique mix of African, Spanish, Native American cooking and dishes, reflecting its diverse population. Typical foods are mildly flavoured, without the pungency of some of Panama’s Latin American and Caribbean neighbours. Common ingredients are maize, rice,…