Bavarian cuisine

Brotsuppe – Bread Soup


Brotsuppe (bread soup) is a simple soup that mainly consists of stale bread in a meat or sausage broth. Variations exist in many countries, and it is often eaten during Lent.

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Buchteln – Jam-filled Rolls

Buchteln with Powidl Jam

It’s the understated nature of these sweet milk bread buns that makes them so wonderful. While typically filled with a little plum jam, the rolls may also include other fruit jam, curd, or poppy-seed filling.

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Mohnnudeln – Poppyseed Noodles

Mohnnudeln- poppy seed noodles

Mohnnudeln (meaning poppy seed noodles in German), is the name of thick noodles of a potato dough in Bohemian and Austrian cuisine, similar to the Schupfnudel.

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Obatzda – Bavarian Cheese Spread

Obatzda - Bavarian Cheese Spread

This is a classic Bavarian biergarten food combining a few simple ingredients to create a brightly coloured cheese spread with a surprisingly complex flavour.

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