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Chinese Chicken Chopping

Step by step instructions with images and video – Chinese-style cutting is the cutting of a whole chicken into smaller, serving-size pieces of bone-in chicken. You can use this style of cutting for any Asian dish or other recipe that…


How to Blacken Fish

Blackening fish is a quick and straightforward process requiring only a few ingredients, but it should be performed outdoors due to the heavy amount of smoke it produces.

Brining Chicken

How to Brine Chicken

First things first: the motivation. There has to be some reason to add an extra step to making dinner, right? Well, there are a few…

Cleaned Abalone

How to Clean Abalone

Abalone need to the cleaned and tenderised before cooking. You’ll be happy to learn that cleaning abalone (preparing it to be cooked) is a surprisingly easy process and if you’ve never done it before see our technique instructions on how…

Cooking with Alcohol

How to Cook using Alcohol

Many dishes incorporate alcoholic beverages into the food itself. Such dishes include coq au vin, chicken cacciatore, and boeuf bourguignon. More modern examples are beer grilled chicken and bratwursts boiled in beer. Adding beer, instead of water, to chilli during…


How to Fill and Shape Empanadas

Empanadas are a favourite snack, and they taste delicious no matter what they look like. But we’ve seen those rows and rows of perfect empanadas in bakeries and can’t help but aspire to attractive empanadas that don’t leak, break, or…

How to Make Basic Fritter Batter

How to Make Basic Fritter Batter

Fritters are a mixture of ingredients covered with batter, then deep-fried. This is a recipe for the basic fritter batter that can be used to coat a variety of different ingredients such as vegetable and fruit.

How to make Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are one of those things that entertain and amuse almost everyone, but how are fortune cookies made? Here is a good recipe and instructions for you to have your own fun making them.

How Do You Poach An Egg

How To Poach An Egg

How Do You Poach An Egg – Here is our Basic Poached Eggs Recipe – The most important aspect of making the perfect poached egg, is of course… the egg!