Lamb Shanks

Casserole of Lamb Shanks in Red Wine

This rich lamb shank casserole is perfect for entertaining guest or to feed a family of four. Try it with mashed sweet potato and some wedges of fresh pumpkin.

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Chorba od Janjetina – Lamb Vegetable Soup

This hearty Croatian / Serbian soup is a made with lamb shanks or meaty lamb bones and the classic Mediterranean trio of green capsicums, onions and tomatoes and then creamed.

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Sabzi Challow – Spinach and Rice with Lamb

Sabzi Challow is a traditional Afghani New Year’s Eve dish, made with spinach (sabzi), rice (challow), and lamb. This is a great recipe for a party. The rice is crispy on the bottom and caramel-coloured, but it’s not burned – this is the way it should be prepared.

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