Lamb & Mutton Recipes

From basic roasted leg of lamb to exotic dishes, your cooking options abound. Our lamb recipes collection include those for many cuts of lamb including leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb shanks, mutton, and more. Australia is one of the world's leading producers of lamb and mutton, the largest exporter of mutton and live sheep, and second largest exporter of lamb. The Australian public are among the biggest consumers of lamb in the world.

Serbian Pljeskavica Hamburgers

Pljeskavica are Serbian hamburgers popular in one form or another throughout the Balkans. The name for these meat patties comes from pljesak, a word meaning “to clap the hands,” the motion used to form these thin, large burgers. They can be made with any combination of pork, lamb and beef and can be grilled, broiled, baked or pan fried, although grilling is traditional.

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Shashlik is Turk/Russian type of kebab. Marinated skewered lamb, grilled to perfection, combined with grilled vegetables make this the ultimate barbecue food.

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Shorba Libiya – Libyan Lamb And Chickpea Soup

The food of Libya can be summed up in that ever-present bowl of soup. It contains all the ingredients that show up in so many other Libyan dishes: tomatoes, onions, lamb, paprika, chillies or cayenne pepper, saffron, chickpeas, mint, coriander and parsley, as well as pasta, couscous or barley.

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Spaghetti Bolognese with Lamb and Fennel

Lamb mince, fennel, and olives make this spaghetti bolognese both unique and very tasty.

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Spice Rubbed Lamb Chops with Silver Beet

A rub of spices reminiscent of Tunisian cuisine is a flavourful addition to these lamb chops, and we give silverbeet a boost with sweet dates and toasted pine nuts.

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Spicy Lamb Flatbread Wraps

Harissa adds a spicy uplift to these lamb koftas which are rolled up with pickled red cabbage and cottage cheese to form a wholesome wrap with lots of zing.

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Usban – Libyan Rice Sausage

Usban (or osban) is a traditional kind of sausage in Tunisia and Libya , stuffed with a mixture of rice, herbs, lamb, chopped liver and heart. This dish is usually served alongside the main meal of rice or couscous, often on special occasions.

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Yakhni Pulao

This tasty rice dish is a classic at North Indian, Afghan, and Pakistani meals. It gets its name from the Yakhni (meat stock) it is cooked in. We like to serve Yakhni Pulao with just a simple vegetable raita but you can go all out and add a curry dish too.

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