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Faschierte Laibchen

Faschierte Laibchen – Austrian Rissoles

Similar to the traditional Austrian dish Faschierter Braten (Minced Pork Meatloaf), these easily made rissoles or meatballs are popular served with Erdäpfelpüree (creamy mashed potatoes) and some mixed vegetables.

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Harput Koftesi - Bulgur Meatballs

Harput Koftesi – Bulgur Meatballs

These bulgur and beef mince meatballs are great for a midweek meal, plus make cooking easy for yourself – double up the recipe and freeze some for another day.

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Kefta Mkaouara – Moroccan Spicy Meatball and Tomato Tagine

Well-seasoned meatballs are cooked in a spicy tomato sauce for this Moroccan Spicy Meatball and Tomato Tagine. Eggs are an optional but classic addition to the dish. The meatballs can be made from lamb or beef mince, or a combination of the two. Use a traditional tagine or a deep, wide skillet with a lid.

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Pork and Corn Rissoles with Potato Wedges

Pork and corn are the perfect pairing in these Southwestern-inspired rissoles. And when served with crisp potato wedges and a leafy salad you have the perfect summer meal.

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Sopa de Albondigas

Sopa de Albondigas – Spicy Meatballs Soup

In Spain and Latin America, meatballs are called albóndigas. Spanish albóndigas can be served as an appetiser or main course, often in a tomato sauce, while Mexican albóndigas are commonly served in a soup with a light broth and vegetables.

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Soutzoukakia - Greek Smyrna Meatballs in Sauce

Soutzoukakia – Greek Smyrna Meatballs in Sauce

The word Soutzoukaki comes from the Turkish “soutzouk” or sausage. These meatballs are shaped like little kebabs. The are lightly fried and then bathed in a tomato sauce. They hail from Smyrni or modern day Izmir, and the spices are more Turkish than Greek, however they have been adopted by most Greeks as a traditional favourite.

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Spicy Pork Meatballs with Coconut Rice

An amazing dinner of pork meatballs flavoured with Thai red curry paste served with coconut rice and Asian greens. And there’s enough pork mince to make extra rissoles for lunch the next day along with some baked sweet potato and greens.

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Sulu Köfte - Turkish Meatball and Potato Soup

Sulu Köfte – Turkish Meatball and Potato Soup

Sulu Köfte is a Turkish soup like dish consisting of small balls of beef mince, rice, onion and parsley, cooked in a sauce of butter, tomato paste and water. It can also be prepared with small cubes of carrots and potatoes added to the soup.

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Youvarlakia Avgolemono

Yuvarlak – Youvarlakia – Greek Soup with Meatballs

Yuvarlak or Youvarlakia are a kind of large meatballs in sauce. The meat mixture includes rice and are cooked in moist heat and the juices thickened with Avgolemono. They are found in Turkish and Greek cuisines.

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