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Thai salads

Thai salads often do not have raw vegetables or fruit as their main ingredient but they use (minced) meat, seafood, or noodles instead. Similar to salads in the West, these dishes have in common that they (often) use a souring agent (in Thailand usually lime juice) and feature the addition of fresh herbs and other greens in their preparation. Thai salads are not served as entrées but normally eaten as one of the main dishes in a Thai buffet-style meal, together with rice (depending on the region this can be glutinous rice or non-glutinous rice) or the Thai rice noodle called khanom chin. Specialised khao tom kui (plain rice congee) restaurants also serve a wide variety of Thai salads of the yam type as side dishes. Many Thai salads, for instance the famous som tam, are also eaten as a meal or snack on their own.

Yam thale

Thai Salads

What internationally are known as Thai salads, with a few exceptions, fall in to four main methods of preparation. In Thai cuisine these are called…