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Beef and Vegetable Soup with Barley

This hearty soup filled with beef, barley, and vegetables is one of those classic comfort foods. It’s thick, delicious, and nutritiously packed.

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Galbitang - Korean Beef Short Rib Soup

Galbitang – Korean Beef Short Rib Soup

Galbitang (also spelled as kalbi tang) is a variety of guk, or Korean soup, made primarily from beef short ribs along with stewing beef, daikon, onions, and other ingredients.

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Rassolnik – Russian Beef, Barley, and Gherkin Soup

Rassolnik is a traditional Russian soup made from pickled cucumbers, pearl barley, and pork or beef kidneys.

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Sop Buntut – Javanese Oxtail Soup

In Indonesian cuisine, oxtail soup (sop buntut) is a popular dish. It is made of slices of fried or barbecued oxtail, served in vegetable soup with rich but clear beef broth.

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Sopas Do Espírito Santo – Portuguese Holy Ghost Soup

Sopas is also known as Holy Ghost Soup, and was traditionally served for the feast of Pentecost in the islands of the Azores.

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Sulu Köfte - Turkish Meatball and Potato Soup

Sulu Köfte – Turkish Meatball and Potato Soup

Sulu Köfte is a Turkish soup like dish consisting of small balls of beef mince, rice, onion and parsley, cooked in a sauce of butter, tomato paste and water. It can also be prepared with small cubes of carrots and potatoes added to the soup.

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Youvarlakia Avgolemono

Yuvarlak – Youvarlakia – Greek Soup with Meatballs

Yuvarlak or Youvarlakia are a kind of large meatballs in sauce. The meat mixture includes rice and are cooked in moist heat and the juices thickened with Avgolemono. They are found in Turkish and Greek cuisines.

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