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Beetroot Recipes

Beetroot is a very versatile and tasty vegetable. You can roast it as a side dish, add it to salads and even bake it in chocolate cakes to add depth of flavour. The earthy yet slightly sweet flavour of beetroot is a great autumnal treat. Look for beetroot that is smooth-skinned and aim to buy beetroots with the tops intact, as the leaves can also be cooked (but should be used within a couple of days of the purchase). Beetroot goes well with goat’s cheese, walnuts, balsamic vinegar, Crème fraîche, beef and duck.


Beetroot Dip

Serve this fabulous-looking Beetroot dip with Turkish bread or pita chips at your next BBQ or party. It also makes a great sandwich filler.

Beetroot Relish

Beetroot Relish

This beetroot relish has a hint of spiciness and is the perfect accompaniment to cold meat. It can also add a zesty flavour to cheese…

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