Bok Choy Recipes

Bok choy, quickly stir-fried with garlic, ginger and chilli is an easy way to add flavour, colour and nutrition to the table. A staple in Asian cuisine, bok choy was introduced to Europe in the 1800s. The Chinese who arrived in the 1850s during the Gold Rush introduced bok choy to Australia. Shining bundles of these Asian greens are now a common sight in supermarkets and fresh food markets in Australia. Nowadays, bok choy is grown in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and parts of Africa.

Baby Bok Choy Slaw

This quick and easy to make slaw has Asian flavours with a touch of spiciness in the form of fresh red chillies.

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Bok Choy and Mango Salad with Tahini Chicken

Tahini and honey create a beautifully charred crust on boneless, skinless chicken thigh. You can double the chicken and tahini mixture and serve in vegetable wraps for quick lunches during the week.

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Bok Choy with Spicy Butter

This quick and easy side-dish of bok choy is pepped up with lemongrass and chilli infused butter.

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Bok Choy with Sweet & Sour Glaze

A pinch of sugar and oyster sauce add a caramel colour and flavour to the vegetables. This bok choy side would be excellent with a spicy main such as Szechuan Mápó Tòfu or any other Szechuan-style stir-fry.

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Ginger Beef and Bok Choy

This is an appetising combination of flavours and textures that can be put together and cooked up in a jiffy . Juicy diced sirloin steak in a shiny, sticky, sweet and sour sauce on top of tender bok choy.

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Steamed Greens with Honey and Sesame Dressing

Enjoy the benefits of healthy steamed green vegetables with a delicious dressing blend of soy, honey, and sesame seeds. A very quick and easy to make side-dish.

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Suan Cai – Chinese Sauerkraut

Suan cai (also called suan tsai and Chinese sauerkraut) is a traditional Chinese pickled Chinese cabbage, used for a variety of purposes. Suan cai is similar to a fermented-cabbage dish, sauerkraut, which is common in the cuisines of Central and Eastern Europe.

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