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Capsicum and Cucumber SaladCapsicum and Cucumber Salad

Capsicum and Cucumber Salad

Crisp cucumbers and an assortment of capsicums (bell peppers) are dressed with an easy-made vinaigrette to make a spicy, cool, refreshing salad for any hot…

Curly Kale Slaw

Curly Kale Slaw

A nontraditional take on coleslaw, this salad has thinly sliced kale tossed with crunchy capsicum and carrot slices. The salad is finished with a salty…

Potatoes OBrien

Potatoes O’Brien

Potatoes O’Brien is a dish of pan-fried potatoes along with green and red capsicums. The potatoes and the capsicums are fried (varying according to taste)…