Sweet Potato Recipes

See our sweet potato recipe collection from simple mashes to creative casseroles, gratins, and pies. Sweet potatoes lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes and we have a great collection of them for you to try.

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

In Thailand, pumpkin and coconut milk are commonly paired up to make a variety of soups, curries, and even sweet dishes. Here they are combined with a lightly curried soup that makes for a wonderful vegetarian/vegan entree – similar to those served at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants throughout Australia. The addition of lemongrass makes it particularly healthy – great for chasing away cold & flu bugs. This soup is wonderful on its own, or serve it like they do in Thailand: with plain steamed rice or noodles on the side. Enjoy!

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Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto with Leek and Parmesan

Dig into this fantastic vegetarian risotto loaded with toasty flavours from roasted sweet potato, caramelised leek and sautéed mushrooms. A double dose of Parmesan ensures a sensational creamy finish.

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Watercress Sauce

The sauce used to flavour these sweet potatoes is a twist on the classic South American chimichurri sauce, which uses coriander or parsley.

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Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad

A sprinkling of pecan nuts add a lovely crunchy complexity to this simple roasted sweet potato and baby beetroot salad.

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Sweet Potato and Coriander Bolani

Another filling option for bolani is Sweet Potato and Coriander. The flavours blend to make a wonderful snack.

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Sweet Potato Pie

This recipe for sweet potato pie is comfort food at its best. Made with delicious sweet potatoes, butter, and spices; the heavenly aroma of old fashioned home cooking will fill your house as this pie bakes. This is a must have for a special meal or any time you want to serve good home cooking.

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Warm Chicken and Sweet Potato Salad with Tarragon Orange Dressing

Featuring crisp kale, citrus infused roasted sweet potato, honey mustard chicken, an aniseed orange dressing and toasted sunflower seeds, this vibrant salad is packed with goodness and exciting flavours.

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West African Peanut Soup

Are you looking for a different soup to serve the family? Try this recipe for West African peanut soup. Its a delicious peanut soup everyone will love!

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Yakiimo – Japanese Roasted Sweet Potato

Roasted sweet potatoes are probably the most popular snack in Japan in the autumn. It’s simple, really: you just roast a sweet potato over dry heat. Nothing more. It’s certainly comfort food.

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