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This is a list of National Dishes with images, brief excerpts, and links to the recipes.

A national dish is a dish, food or a drink that is considered to represent a particular country, nation or region. A dish can become a national dish for a variety of reasons.

  • It can be the national dish because it is a staple daily food for the majority of the population.
  • It can also be the national dish because it represents the regions and ethnicity of the whole country.
  • In addition, it can be the national dish because it incorporates locally produced ingredients.

Food and cultural identity

National dishes are part of a nation’s identity and self-image. During the age of European empire building, nations consciously developed a national cuisine as a matter of distinction from their rivals.

National dishes and foods by country

As mentioned above, this is not a definitive list of national dishes, but rather a list of some foods that have been suggested to be national dishes.
Afghanistan  Afghanistan :  Kabuli Pulao
Algeria  Algeria :  Couscous
Angola  Angola :  Muamba de galinha
Anguilla  Anguilla :  Arroz con Gandules
Argentina   Argentina  :  Asado  ;  Empanada
Armenia  Armenia  :  Harissa
Australia  Australia  :  Meat Pie  Roast Lamb
Austria  Austria  :  Tafelspitz  ;  Wiener Schnitzel
Bahamas  Bahamas  :  Crack conch with peas and rice
Bahrain   Bahrain  :  Machboos
Bangladesh  Bangladesh  :  Biryani  ;  Rice and Fish
Barbados   Barbados  :  Cou-Cou and Flying Fish
Belarus  Belarus  :  Draniki
Belgium  Belgium  :  Moules-frites
Flag of Bermuda  Bermuda : Bermudan Fish Chowder
Bhutan   Bhutan  :  Ema datshi
Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bosnia and Herzegovina  :  Bosnian pot  ;  Ćevapi  ;  Pljeskavica
Brazil  Brazil  :  Feijoada
  Flag of British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands  :  Fish and Fungi
  Flag of Brunei DarussalamBrunei Darussalam  :  Ambuyat
Myanmar  Burma  :  Mohinga
blank  Bulgaria  :  Bob Chorba
Cambodia  Cambodia  :  Amok trey
Cameroon  Cameroon  :  Ndole
Canada  Canada  :  Peameal Bacon  ;  Nanaimo Bar  ;  Tourtiere  ;  Poutine  ;  Butter tarts
Chile  Chile  :  Empanada  :  Cazuela  ;  Curanto  ;  Pastel de choclo
China  China  :  Peking Duck, noodles (such as lo mein, chow mein and lamian), fried rice, dumplings.
Hong Kong  Hong Kong  :  Char Siu  ;  Dim Sum
Macau  Macau  :  Minchee
Flag of Colombia  Colombia  :  Ajiaco  ;  Bandeja paisa
Costa Rica Costa Rica  :  Gallo Pinto
Cuba  Cuba – Platillo Moros y Cristianos, Ropa vieja, Puerco asado, Yuca con mojo
Czech Republic  Czech Republic – Vepřo knedlo zelo (roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut), Svíčková
Democratic Republic of the Congo  Democratic Republic of the Congo – Poulet Moambé
Denmark  Denmark – Frikadeller, Wienerbrød (Danish pastry), Smørrebrød
Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic – La Bandera (“The Flag”) rice, red beans, meat  (beef, chicken, pork, or fish).
Ecuador  Ecuador – Deep fried Guinea Pig
Egypt  Egypt – Ful medames ; Kushari ; Molokhia ; Falafel
El Salvador   El Salvador – Pupusa
Eritrea  Eritrea – Zigini, Injera
Estonia  Estonia – Verivorst with Mulgikapsad (sauerkraut stew)
Ethiopia   Ethiopia – Wat, Injera
Finland  Finland – Mämmi
France  France – Crêpe, pot-au-feu
  Flag_of_GabonGabon – Poulet Nyembwe
Georgia (country)   Georgia – Khachapuri, khinkali
Germany   GermanyCurrywurst, Sauerbraten
Greece  Greece – Fasolada, Moussaka
Grenada  Grenada – Oil Down
Guyana  Guyana – Guyana Pepperpot
Honduras  Honduras – Baleada, Carne Asada, Sopa de Caracol
Hungary  Hungary – Gulyás
Iceland  Iceland – Hákarl
India  India – No official national dish
Indonesia  IndonesiaGado-Gado, Nasi Goreng, Sate, Soto
Iran  IranChelow kabab, Ghormeh sabzi
Iraq  Iraq – Samak masgouf
Republic of Ireland  IrelandColcannon, Irish Stew
Israel  IsraelHummus ; Falafel ; Israeli Salad
Italy  ItalyPizza ; Pasta ; Polenta
Jamaica  Jamaica – Ackee and Saltfish
Japan  Japan – Japanese curry, Ramen, Sushi
Jordan  JordanMansaf
Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan – Beshbarmak
Kenya  Kenya – Nyama choma
Kuwait  Kuwait – Machboos
Kyrgyzstan  Kyrgyzstan – Beshbarmak, laghman
Laos  Laos – Larb with sticky rice
Lebanon  Lebanon – Kibbeh, Tabbouleh
Lithuania  Lithuania – Cepelinai
Luxembourg  Luxembourg – Judd mat Gaardebounen, smoked neck of pork with broad beans
Republic of Macedonia  Macedonia – Tavče Gravče
Madagascar  Madagascar – Romazava
Malaysia  MalaysiaNasi Lemak
Malta  MaltaPastizzi
Mexico  Mexico – Mole poblano, Tacos
Mongolia  Mongolia – Buuz
Montenegro  Montenegro – Kačamak, Raštan
Morocco  MoroccoCouscous, Tagine, Pastilla
Nicaragua  Nicaragua – Gallo Pinto
Flag_of_Nepal     Nepal – Dal bhat
Netherlands  NetherlandsStamppot, Hutspot
New Zealand  New ZealandPavlova, Bacon and Egg Pie, Hangi, Meat Pie, Lamb
Norway  Norway – Fårikål, Kjøttkaker
   Flag_of_Pakistan Pakistan – Biryani, Nihari
Paraguay  Paraguay – Sopa paraguaya
Peru  Peru – Ceviche
Philippines  Philippines – Adobo, lechon, Sinigang
Poland  Poland – Bigos, Pierogi, Kotlet schabowy, Żurek
Portugal  Portugal – Bacalhau, Cozido à Portuguesa
Puerto Rico  Puerto RicoArroz con Gandules with Lechon
  Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_CongoRepublic of the Congo – Poulet Moambé
Romania  Romania – Mămăligă ; Sarmale ; Mici
Russia  RussiaShchi and Kasha, Pelmeni
San Marino   San Marino – Torta Tre Monti
Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia – Kabsa
Senegal  Senegal – Thieboudienne
Serbia   Serbia – Ćevapčići ; Pljeskavica ; Ražnjići ; Proja ; Kajmak
Slovakia  Slovakia – Bryndzové halušky
Singapore  Singapore – Chilli crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice
South Africa  South Africa – Bobotie
Korea  South KoreaKimchi, Bulgogi
Spain  Spain – Paella, Tortilla española
Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka – Rice and Curry
Sweden   Sweden – Köttbullar, Kräftskiva, Surströmming
Switzerland   SwitzerlandCervelat, Fondue, Rösti
Syria   Syria – Kibbeh
Tajikistan  Tajikistan – O’sh (pilaf)
Taiwan  Taiwan  :  Beef Noodle Soup
Thailand  Thailand  :  Pad Thai  ;  Som Tam  ;  Tom Yum Goong
Trinidad and Tobago  Trinidad and Tobago  :  Pelau
Tunisia  Tunisia  :  Couscous
Turkmenistan  Turkmenistan  :  Palaw
Uganda   Uganda  :  Matoke
Ukraine  Ukraine  :  Borscht
United Kingdom  United Kingdom  :  Fish and Chips
England   England  :  Roast Beef  ;  Christmas Plum Pudding
Republic of Ireland  Northern Ireland  :  Ulster Fry
Scotland  Scotland  :  Haggis
Wales  Wales  :  Cawl
 Flag of the United States United States  :  Apple Pie  ;  Hamburgers  ;  Roast Turkey.
Uruguay  Uruguay  :  Asado  ;  Chivito
Uzbekistan  Uzbekistan  :  O’sh
Venezuela  Venezuela  :  Pabellón criollo
Vietnam  Vietnam  :  Phở
Yemen  Yemen  :  Saltah


Test your skills by attempting our National Dishes Crossword – it’s diabolical

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