Queso Ibérico

Iberico cheese is a popular blended milk cheese in Spain. In compliance with the established milk proportions for this cheese set by the Spanish Cheese and Butter Manufactures Association in 1987, Iberico cheeses must contain a minimum of 50% cow milk, 30% goat milk and 10% sheep’s milk.

Iberico cheese

Iberico cheese

Iberico cheese production runs throughout the year. There are two varieties of Iberico: semi-cured, aged from 1 to 3 months and cured, aged from 3 to 6 months. It is pressed paste cheese, compact though not closed, with small eyes evenly spread along the cut and with a yellowish-straw colour over ivory background due to the blend of the three types of milk. It is presented in cylindrical 3 kg format, very similar to Manchego cheese.

Iberico cheese is produced in the Iberian Peninsula with variants such as Mesta and Hispánico according to the percentage of milk used. The three of them have been named by the Spanish Cheese and Butter Manufactures Association. Iberico cheese is made by several dairies located in the central Plateau.

It is a franc, smooth and buttery cheese typical form pressed non-cooked cheeses, where characteristics of the three milks are appreciated: the acidity of cow’s milk, the sharp taste and whitish colour of goat’s milk and the flavour of sheep’s milk.

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