Cervelas de Lyon

There is not just one but many Lyon sausages, rendered famous by the ancestral know-how of the pork butchers from the city of the Gauls.

Saucisson de Lyon

Saucisson de Lyon

In the list of dry sausages, the typical Lyon (“lyonnais”) dry sausage is a pure pork product, recognisable by its small square lardons and its dark red stuffing. There are also larger sized dry sausages with a coarser stuffing like the Rosette (300 g to over 1 kg) or the Jesus. The former is spindle-shaped and its name comes from its tail end which is pink. The composition of the Jesus dry sausage is close to that of the rosette but it is brown on the outside.

However, the authentic Lyon sausages are those made to be cooked. Cervelas is a broad, short sausage, composed of a fine pure pork stuffing, sometimes with pistachios or truffles. Its name comes from the fact that it used to be made from brains (cervelle). The fresh sausage is characterised by a relatively coarse grain and a leaner stuffing. The Sabodet, native to the Isère region, is made from pork head, rind and meat. It has a coarser texture and a stronger taste.

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