Shish Kebab

Shish kebab (Turkish: şiş kebap) is a Turkish dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat. The term shish kebab has a history of over one hundred years in English. In American English, the word kebab refers to shish kebab, while in British English, kebab may also mean döner kebab or shawarma. In Middle Eastern cuisine however, kebab denotes a wide variety of different grilled meat dishes. Shish is the Turkish word for sword or skewer.

Probably the best known Turkish dish outside Turkey, shish kebab is generally made of lamb (kuzu şiş) but there are also versions with beef or veal (dana şiş), swordfish (kılıç şiş) and chicken meat (tavuk şiş or şiş tavuk). A traditional Turkish dish, it may be considered a kebab variant, although it is more similar to shashlik of the Caucasus region. (Shashlyk is the Russian word for şiş kebap.) In Turkey, şiş kebap and the vegetables served with it are grilled separately, normally not on the same skewer.

Our Shish Kebab Recipes

Chilli and Lemon Chicken Kebabs – These quick and easy barbecued chicken kebabs have a little bit of zing added to them with the chilli and lemon.

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Shish Taouk – a traditional Turkish shish (brochette), which can also be found in Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Israeli and Iraqi cuisines, but is made in kabab houses in many cities around the world.

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Watermelon and Scallop Kebabs – Try something different on the BBQ this summer with our watermelon and scallop kebabs. Juicy and refreshing summer food.

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