Khanom Chin

Khanom chin, freshly made Thai rice noodles

Khanom chin, freshly made Thai rice noodles

Khanom chin are fresh rice noodles in Thai cuisine which are made from rice which has first been fermented for three days, boiled, and then made into noodles by pressing the resulting dough through a sieve into boiling water. Khanom in Thai usually refers to desserts, but in a wider sense can denote many things that use any type of flour as its main ingredient.

Although chin means “Chinese” in Thai, this type of noodle originated from the Mon people who inhabited the region which is now central Thailand before the arrival of the Thai people from southern China. The word khanom chin is probably derived from the Mon words khohn ohm jin, meaning “twice boiled”.

These noodles are used as a staple food in a variety of Thai dishes. Some popular dishes are:

  • Khanom chin nam ya, served with a fish based sauce
  • Khanom chin kaeng kiao wan kai, served with green chicken curry
  • Khanom chin nam ngiao, a northern Thai speciality, the sauce contains pork blood
  • Khanom chin sao nam, a salad with coconut milk, prawns and fresh pineapple

Another popular combination is to serve Thai Papaya Salad together with this noodle.

Similar noodles are also found in other cuisines: Mi xian is from Yunnan province, China, Num banh chok from Cambodia, and Bún from Vietnam.

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