Glucose Syrup

Glucose Syrup is a clear thick sugar syrup

Glucose Syrup is a clear thick sugar syrup

Glucose Syrup is a clear thick sugar syrup and a purer form of corn syrup derived from honey, fruits (usually grapes) and some vegetables.

Uses of Glucose Syrup


Glucose is extremely popular in the sweet manufacturing business. It is extensively used in confectionery as a doctoring agent to prevent crystallisation; and in several other applications it has to be necessarily used to the extent of 30 to 40 percent.

Being a non-crystallising substance, it helps produce homogenous confectionery like chewing gums and chocolates. It provides a smooth texture, possesses good preservative qualities for a longer shelf life and has several desirable organoleptic properties.

Jams, jellies and preserves

In processed foods like jams and jellies, glucose syrup is used to prevent crystallisation of sugar. It acts as a good preservative and prevents spoilage of the product without unduly increasing its sweetness. It is very effective in masking excessive sweetness while enhancing the flavour of the preparation.

Household syrups

It is used in the preparation of common syrups as it is easily digestible and provides an instant source of energy. Baby foods and baby syrups also favour glucose syrup as it serves as a rich source of carbohydrates.

Bakery products

Glucose syrup adds body, bulk and optimum sweetness to bakery products. This is why it is so often used by bakery houses in pie and cream fillings. It also prevents crystallisation, enhances shelf-life and its non-crystallising and hygroscopic properties keep the preparations fresh and longer.

Ice creams

Nobody likes ice creams that crystallise, melt soon or are rough to the tongue. This is exactly what glucose syrup prevents. It prevents crystallisation, gives a smooth texture and ensures that ice creams do not melt soon. It prevents sucrose crystallisation and lends a creamy, soft mouthful to the ice cream, lending it homogenous sweetness. There is no undesirable taste and it can even replace expensive ingredients like non-fat milk solids.


In most cases you can substitute light corn syrup.

Availability in Australia

Common, most supermarkets carry glucose syrup.

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