Roma Tomato

Roma tomatoes (also known as Italian tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes) are egg or pear-shaped and red when fully ripe.

Roma Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are popularly used both for preserving and producing tomato paste as they are dry, tangy and thin-skinned, with few seeds. Roma tomatoes are also ideal for salsas, sauces and cooked dishes.

The vines fruit heavily, making Roma a popular variety with gardeners who do a lot of home preserving. While Roma is an open-pollinated variety, in general it is not considered an heirloom tomato. Maturing in under three months, the plant itself grows to 1 metre (36″) in height and the single fruit weighs about 60 grams (2 oz).

Roma Tomato Substitutes

  • Roma tomatoes are commonly found in supermarkets year round in Australia so substitution is not really needed.
  • Regular tomatoes and ½ tablespoon (10ml) of tomato paste are a suitable substitute. Regular tomatoes are more watery and sweeter than Roma tomatoes so the tomato paste will thicken the mixture a little and add depth to the flavour.

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Recipes Using Roma Tomatoes

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