Yukon Gold Potato


Yukon Gold is a large variety of potato most distinctly characterised by its thin, smooth eye free skin and yellow tinged flesh. Unlike some other potato varietals the Yukon Gold can stand up to both dry heat and wet heat cooking methods. Its waxy moist flesh and sweet flavour make it ideal for boiling, baking and frying but these potatoes will also withstand grilling, pan frying, and roasting.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes


It was a Peruvian variety potato with a distinct yellow flesh and rich flavour that originally inspired the creation of the Yukon Gold. The Yukon Gold, itself is a hybrid variety. Gary Johnston, considered an agricultural icon, bred the first Yukon Gold variety at Ontario Agricultural College in 1966 from a potato from North Dakota, called “Norgleam” with a wild South American yellow-fleshed variety (W5279-4). Before it was named for marketing and distribution, it existed as the pedigree, G6666-4y. Released to the market in 1980 today the Yukon Gold grows throughout Canada, the Midwest and Western regions of America.



Appearance – Relatively light yellow skin colour; yellow interior with moist flesh. Shallow eyes that are well distributed. A medium specific gravity.
Flavour – Originally marketed as having a buttery flavour, which comes from a combination of the yellow flesh and moist texture. Good potato flavour.
Usage – In foodservice, chefs have gravitated to the Yukon Gold image as a positive one for menu branding. Primarily used as mashed and in salad preparations. Roasting or boiling are also popular cooking procedures.


Substitutes and Equivalents

In Australia

In the US

  • Yellow Finn potatoes (slightly sweeter than Yukon gold)
  • red-skinned potato (lacks yellow flesh)
  • white round potatoes

When making substitutions in baking and cooking, you may end up with a somewhat different product. The taste, moisture content, texture and weight of a product can be affected by changing ingredients.


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