ProChef Butter Flavour Spray Product Review

ProChef Butter Flavour SprayProduct ReviewNutrition

Making the Great Aussie BBQ healthier with Canola Oil

ProChef Butter Flavour SprayNo Aussie barbecue is complete without cooking oil and it is often tricky picking which ones are better for you. This summer ProChef has taken the guesswork out of oil selection with its delicious and healthy new offering – Butter Flavour Spray. It’s all the goodness of canola oil with an amazing buttery taste. And when you think barbecue and butter-you think corn!

Just a light spray on corncobs will take their flavour to the next level. Imagine being able to enjoy the buttery flavour of barbecued corncobs without the guilt. It is perfect for summer entertaining-easy, tasty and healthy. Corn is fresh and cheap in the supermarkets this time of year, so it makes great sense to have it as a scrumptious side dish at your next barbecue.

Why canola oil? It is simply the healthiest and best choice to cook with for these reasons:

  • It’s high in monounsaturated fat
  • It’s low in saturated fat
  • It’s a good source of essential omega-3 fats
  • It has a high smoke point
  • It has a neutral flavour
  • It has a light texture

When something is high in monounsaturated fats instead of saturated fats like butter and cheese, it can help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease. Canola is the richest cooking oil source of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat that has been linked to heart health.

Having a high smoke point means the temperature at which oil begins to smoke. When it does, disease-causing carcinogens and free radicals are released, so you should avoid oils with a low smoke point on the barbecue such as extra virgin olive oil.

It’s not limited to the barbecue either. A spray in baking tins means nothing will stick except the amazing buttery flavour. Cakes, slices and biscuits will simply slip out of the tin with that bonus taste of melted butter. ProChef Butter Flavour Spray is perfect for professional and home use. It is not as expensive as some other oils on the market and is certainly much healthier than many of them too. All the flavour of real butter without the saturated fat. ProChef Butter Flavour Spray ticks all the boxes so be sure to have a can handy at your next barbecue.

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About ProChef Australia

ProChef is a much-loved, 100% Australian owned brand which was first launched into the Australian market in 2000 with ProChef Canola. Since then, the ProChef range has expanded to include a range of Olive and Specialty oils sprays. Today, ProChef has grown to become the number 1 cooking spray brand in Australia which is sold nationwide at a range of retailers including Woolworths, Coles and IGA. The ProChef brand offers a range of cooking oils for different uses so whether you are baking cakes, frying eggs or looking for an easy marinade solution, ProChef has the perfect cooking oil.

Disclaimer & Transparency for this Review
  • The Taste of Aussie is not affiliated with ProChef or its agents
  • The product is supplied to us at no cost.
  • The views and opinions stated in the Review section of this article are those of The Taste of Aussie staff and friends and are not influenced, guided, or provided by ProChef

We would first and foremost like to thank the ProChef distributors for providing us with a box of 6 cans of ProChef Butter Flavour Spray in order to facilitate our review.

With that many cans of the spray we decided to get a few friends to try out the product as well. We have elicited the help of Steven (A Self-Appointed King of The BBQ), Jessie (A Working Foodie Mum), and Sarah (A Professional Chef and Home-cook) to give us some balance in this review. Their opinions will be published in the panels below.

And in the meantime I shall put the spray to the test.

The Can
Before we put the spray to the test lets first look at the can itself.

  • I like that you can read everything written on the can clearly without have to squint or use a magnifying glass – this is important for new users of the product who like to check the product over before buying or using.
  • Warnings for using, storage, disposal, etc. are clear and easy to understand (see note below)
  • The list of ingredients has the primary ingredient as Canola Oil and the remaining listed ingredients and additives are unlikely to cause food intolerance reactions.
  • The can cap is secure without being difficult to remove.
  • The spray nozzle is easy to operate without loosing directional control.
The Can - 9/10

The Pikelet Test
Pikelets and pancakes are definitely two food items that need to have a nicely greased surface to prevent sticking and to give a nice golden-brown colour to the cooked item. Getting just the right amount of butter smeared across the cooking plate can be very difficult at times – too little and it sticks, too much and you have the extra starting to burn off. The resulting residue is guaranteed to discolour your next batch if it’s not cleaned off first. Excess butter also has a tendency to slow the even flow of your batter which can lead to some odd shapes being cooked.

Having cooked my fair share of pikelets and pancakes I am well versed on the good and the bad when using butter!    So now lets break out the ProChef Butter Flavour Spray………

To put the spray to the test I got out an old frying pan that definitely needs greasing before being used – it’s so old that i can’t remember when we got it and it seriously needs to go out – and perfect for testing the spray. So it’s on with the pan and I give it a light squirt of spray. Wow. the smell of buttered popcorn is the first thing that I notice. Next comes the batter and as I poured the batter for each pikelet I noticed the batter was rolling out in a nice circle. Now for the main event and flip them over. The spatula glided freely underneath with no part sticking to the cooking surface – all of the pikelets flipped without sticking to the pan and they all had a nice golden-brown colour. When the batch was finished all that was needed was another quick light spray and pour in the next batch. The second batch cooked as easily as the first.

Time to eat. I had my “taste tester” sitting at the table armed with his knife, butter, and jam all set to go. I had him try one plain with nothing added first, and his response was that there was no hint of them having been cooked with anything other than butter. And so after a short while I was presented with an empty plate and “awesome thanks” was his verdict.

With the pikelet test complete I can say that the spray gives far better results all round compared to using butter. The taste was not altered, there was less mess, it was far easier to grease the pan, and as it used no butter for cooking the end product has to be healthier.

The Pikelet Test - 10/10

The Toasted (Grilled) Cheese Sandwich Test
Toasted Cheese SandwichSitting quietly at the back of the appliances cupboard is another old piece of equipment that is well past it’s use by date and that is the toasted sandwich maker. It rarely gets used, in fact it only gets turned on when Pop and the grand-kids are making toasties for lunch when they stay over. And when this mob start, the first thing they do is butter up the bread – and when I say butter I really mean BUTTER – it’s so thick.

When the cooking starts the butter soaks into the bread and the end result is a partially toasted, partially soggy, heavily buttered toasted sandwich.

Bearing in mind that this totally unhealthy method of cooking toasted sandwiches is considered by my mob to be the gold standard in toasted sandwich making. I felt that the cooking spray might have a fight on it’s hands to come up to scratch.

All I had to do was put a few slices of cheese between un-buttered slices of bread, spray the heated cooking surface of the sandwich maker with ProChef Butter Flavour Spray, pop the sandwiches in, and close down the top. Simple really, and I didn’t end up with buttery fingertips from putting in the sandwiches.

And again I detect that lovely buttered popcorn smell as they start to cook. Give them a few minutes to toast and melt the cheese and it’s time to take them out. As with the pikelets there was no sticking to the surfaces when I took out the toasties.

With the toasted sandwich test complete I can say that the sandwiches were of a far higher quality than had I used butter. The bread had toasted evenly with no buttery blotches left that hadn’t browned, there was no buttery residue left on the appliance ( a quick wipe with a paper towel was all that was needed), and I didn’t have buttery fingertips. And as for the taste, well, you could actually taste the cheese.

The Toasted (Grilled) Cheese Sandwich Test - 10/10

The Don't Let Your Husband Near It Test
Fried Eggs in the Toastie MakerI’m fairly sure everyone knows of someone who can go into a kitchen and use every pot, pan, bowl, and utensil there is, leaving an enormous cleanup afterwards. Well I married one ! Anyway, after he had tucked into the cheese toasted sandwiches that I made for the above test he tells me he is still hungry and that some fried eggs on toast will do the trick. So he heads off into the kitchen and I hear a little bit of noise then he calls out for me to bring the camera.

“Take a photo of these”, he says,”its a really good test.”

His verdict – excellent !!!

I’m shaking my head when he says “You told me not to make a mess so I used a bit of the cooking spray in the sandwich maker and I’m frying my eggs, so take a photo for the review.”

I replied,”It’ll be no good.You have a piece of shell in the whites, you’ve broken open a yolk, and the eggs don’t cover the cooking surface.

His response – “It’s a review of the cooking spray, not how good I am at cracking eggs.”

And so my dear readers, you now have the photo of eggs being fried in the toasted sandwich maker using ProChef Butter Flavour Spray.

The Cooking Eggs in the Toasted Sandwich Maker Test - 10/10
How Well Rowan Cracks Eggs - 1/10

“I’ve been using this all week and it’s great. A lot cleaner on the BBQ and has a nice nutty taste to what you’ve cooked. I will definitely be using a lot of this in the future”.

“As a working mum anything I cook with in the kitchen needs to be convenient and healthy. This Prochef spray is both and also has a nice flavour to go with it.”

“Using cooking sprays is a regular thing in my work, and when I used the Butter Flavoured spray there was a definite taste improvement to items such as eggs and meat patties”

Product Review Summary

If you haven’t cooked using cooking spray you have no idea what you are missing out on. For convenience, I put it up there with “sliced bread”. And to have a cooking spray with a hint of butter is taking it to a new level ! If you are familiar with the lovely smell of buttered popcorn then you can imagine what your kitchen area will be like cooking with ProChef Butter Flavour Spray.

It does what it is supposed to do, prevent sticking, and also provides a hit of the butter taste. It’s not an overpowering taste, in fact it was very subtle on the foods I cooked. Lets look at the pro’s and con’s

  • Easy and convenient to usewhat more can I say , just shake and spray.
  • No greasy mess – it doesn’t matter how careful you are there’s going to be greasy butter on your fingers
  • Even and thinner coverage everywhere – some baking dishes have funny shapes (such as a fluted pie tin) that can be difficult to grease but this spray gets there quite easily and puts on a much thinner coating than if you had done it by hand.
  • Healthy – ProChef Butter Flavour Spray has no cholesterol and no sodium making it a far healthier option. Depending on how much butter you use on food items like toasted sandwiches there could be a marked reduction in butter usage.
  • Flavour – You get the butter taste without using butter.
  • Uses Propellant – For some people this can be a negative hence my mentioning it but in all honesty the amount is so infinitesimal it’s not worth worrying about.

In conclusion, we consider ProChef Butter Flavour Spray to be an excellent product and classify it as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



To Spray or Not To Spray
Whilst it is just a little thing, there is one inconsistency on the can itself. This relates more to open barbecues than general kitchen appliances.

In the Caution section (Fig 1)   the text states that you should not spray on hot surfaces.

And yet in the Directions section (Fig 2)   the text states to add while cooking if more oil or flavour is required

I would suggest that you “Carefully add while cooking if more oil or flavour is required”.

I accept that this is a very minor point but none-the-less this is a review not an advert hence my decision to add this note.

Rowan – The Taste of Aussie

I asked ProChef if they could provide missing data for the nutrition table for the entries that are marked with a ~ . The reply is quoted below

I asked our Food Technologist and Technical team about your request and their response was that because the quantity of the other items you referred to would be minimal or trace, we don’t put them on the can as they would simply appear as 0. Brand Manager

And so there you have it, an accurate account of the nutritional data from a reliable source.

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Tina & Mike Vallis
Tina & Mike Vallis

We bought a can of “Australian Virgin Olive Oil SPRAY”.
When sprayed it only foams and is tasteless. In cooking, even at low heat, it turns black and sticks on the food.
We will discard and never again buy this product.
Melbourne, VIC 3006
P.S. The Contact box in does not work!