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What are Red Pepper Flakes in Australia

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I often see “red pepper flakes” in recipe ingredient lists and can never find them in our supermarkets or food stores. Can you please clarify what they are and any suitable substitutes I can use.
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Chilli Flakes

Chilli Flakes are made from dried chilli that is diced and chopped. It’s a popular hot spice with plenty of bite.

Crushed red pepper flakes are nothing more than dried peppers (usually chilli or cayenne) that have been ground up just enough to leave you with a mix of flakes, seeds, and ground pepper. You should look for and use Chilli Flakes here in Australia. We use the MasterFoods® brand as pictured.

There can also be some confusion between red pepper flakes and crushed red pepper. They are two terms for the same exact spice that’s created from crushing different varieties of red chilli peppers, but most often with a base of cayenne pepper.

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